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CME Series film capacitor in rectangular plastic case CME, CMPS, CMKS, CMPSR Type

Self-healing AC Capacitors with protective mechanism (max. permissible temp 80℃) recognized to UL&CSA

Type CMKS (this type is an import product from Shizuki Japan)
Self-healing AC Capacitors with protective mechanism (max. permissible temp 75℃), recognized to UL&CSA

  • High Safety
    Type CMPS and CMKS capacitors incorporate protective mechanism to achieve high safety. The protective mechanism disconnects the capacitor from the circuit to prevent fire or smoke, should a breakdown occur in the capacitor.
  • UL and CSA recognized to 10000 ampere fault current
    Both types are UL and CSA recognized to 10000 ampere fault current, which means that the capacitor is safe under fault condition in a circuit having the short circuit capability of 10000 amperes.
  • Two types available; 75℃ and 80℃ max temperature rating
    • Type CMPS (maximum permissible temperature 80℃) uses metallized polypropylene film, and type CMKS (maximum permissible temperature 75℃) uses the combination of metallized polypropylene film plus metallized polyester film.
    • Type CMKS is best suited for the applications which require small-sized capacitors, and type CMPS is primarily designed for the operation at a high temperature of a high frequency.
  • Various terminal styles recognized to UL&CSAVarious terminal styles including AMP 187, AMP250, solder lug and stranded wire are UL and CSA recognized.

Temperature Characteristics

Type CMPS-R Capacitor for home appliances.

  • Rated Voltage: 450 VAC
  • Capacitance Range: 1uF-8uF
  • UL/CSA approved and certificated by IEC
  • Self-Protected
  • Easy to install
 Standard Dimensions

  Terminal style of type CMPSR
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