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RS Series round film capacitor

  • Rating voltage: 200-500VAC
  • Capacitance range: 4-100MF
  • Oil Impregnated
  • Self-Healing metallized film
  • Protective Device
  • UL, IEC, CE, TUV Standard
  • Applicable for air conditioning compressor, motor, and etc.

  • Uses plastic film dielectric
    Coupled with our unique technology, the self-healing metallized plastic film dielectric provides significantly high reliability.
  • Protective device or protective mechanism
    The capacitors are provided with the protective device or protective mechanism.
  • Recognized to UL and IEC
    Not only UL recognized to 10000 ampere fault current but also approved to IEC, type RS Capacitor feature high safety and reliability.
  • Housed in a metal case or plastic resin case
    The capacitors are housed in a metal case
  • Dual designs
    Containing of two capacitance in one case are also available.

  • Motor run
    The capacitors are ideal for various motor application in washing machine, pump, and electric tools.
  • Air conditioning compressors
    The capacitors can be used for air conditioning compressors with any ratings.
  • Other Applications
    Other applications include various industrial equipment such as lighting fixtures, photo-copiers, etc.

Technical Information
  • Protective Device (type WME-RS)
    Should a dielectric breakdown occur, the cover will bulge to move upward the terminals mounted on the cover because of the buildup of the capacitor internal pressure. The connection between the terminal and the capacitor winding will be opened, and the capacitor will be disconnected from the electrical circuit.

*** The above informationmay possibly differ from the latest version. Please feel free to contact us for further support.